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STRAWBERRY TOWERS ARE HERE! As seen in the August '08 edition of Martha Stewart Living!

      These vertical growing planters are made from Western Red Cedar for beauty and longevity. They will give you many years of enjoyment. For added protection a linseed oil treatment before filling with soil can be used.

     These easy to assemble towers are available in two sizes, 4' and 6'.  Comes with instructions and hardware.  The only tool needed is a phillips head screw driver or power screw driver.  You could have this assembled and planted in a weekend or less for an instant show piece.

Seen above displayed with strawberry plants by Shirley Bovshow at the 2009 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival   

     Our tower comes with slats for the sides that you will slide in during assembly. The slats are set at an angle that holds your plants and soil in. We recommend placing a traffic cone inside the tower while filling with soil and this decreases that amount of soil you need to fill. This also makes it a little lighter for placing on a roof top or balcony.  You can plant your plants between all the angled slats which act as shelves. 

     The 4' tower dimensions are 21 1/2" at base, 7" at top and 48" height. Has approx. 18 lin ft of growing space not counting the very bottom. Price is $325.00 (+shipping)

     The 6' tower dimensions are 30 3/4" at base, 7" at top and 72" height. Has approx 45 lin ft of growing space not counting the very bottom. Price is $525.00 (+shipping)

    Available as an option for the 4 foot tower is a fiberglass bottom tray for balconys or decks. It is 24"x24"x 2 1/2" deep. Filled with stones this tray catches overflow from watering and keeps runoff from dripping on neighbors below. Price is $80.00 (+shipping)

To place an order call 410-778-6181 or visit the contact us page or the ordering page for more info. Remember, we do accept Visa and Mastercard for orders now!

4 foot tower - corner view 


4 foot tower - side view 


6 foot tower -  corner view

6 foot tower side -  view 


above is the layout of parts that you receive.

This Vertical Garden Tower, not only looks beautfiul with fresh, ripe strawberries throughout, any vegetable or flower will be right at home!

Call us at 410-778-6181 to place an order!