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**Painting and Installing Post Instructions**

This question is often asked so were offering the answer here.

1. We recommend priming the post with Cabots Problem Slover Primer. This is a paint for tannin acid wood to help eliminate bleed thru. A shellac base cover stain could be used also.

2.After lightly sanding the primer coat you can apply the topcoats, again lightly sanding before applying the finish coat of paint.

3.If staining the post, apply the stain according to the manufacturer's recommendations. We have found over the years that the more you do to a post before it goes in the ground, the more you enhance the longevity of the post.

4. For added life of the post we recommend using a foundation coating, a driveway coating or a roof repair tar like substance applied to the portion of the post that goes in the ground.

5. We also offer the brass skirt that protects the post from having moisture held to the post from mulch, from grass growing up the post and protection from the weed eater.