Bruce Post Company, Inc.

Signage- Posts, Brackets & Blanks

Sign blanks, like our posts, can be made in nearly any size, shape and amount.

We make Sign Blanks for Sandblasting and Carving in Redwood, Western Red Cedar, Mahogany, Oak, Spanish Cedar and Many more.

For priceing - Fax your drawing and information to us at (410)-556-6432  Call (410)-778-6181 

Or email to:

Some examples of what you can do with our sign blanks are shown below.


Here is the plain signpost or like many of our customers you can use one of our other posts. Such as the finial topped post.  For another look you could use two of our posts and mount your sign between them. We also sell the sign bracket for your hanging signs.


To dress up any sign post, add a finial or post top.