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Custom Orders & Options Available

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Some of the options available are:

Standard post sizes are: 4"x4", 5"x5", 6"x6"

Standard post lengths are: 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 10', 12', 14' 

End Collars are 3"x3", other sizes upon request

Post Installation options and Brass Skirt.

  • A: PVC Sleeve Mount- A peice of heavy gauge PVC pipe slides over a 4" diameter wooden tenon on the bottom of the post. PVC is concreted in a hole with top of pipe 1" above ground for clearance.
  • B: Conventional- Direct ground burial of post fron 23" to 42" of the post in the ground depending on the overall height of the post (shown with brass skirt) West System Epoxy is a good option when in ground.
  • C: Steel Pipe Mount- 2" IP Steel tube cemented into hole with notch in bottem for wires to come thru. Set and plumb steel pipe in concrete. After set up put plate on bottom of post and slide post over steele pipe with wires thru center hole.
  • D: Brass Skirt -  Made from Sheet Brass, bent and soldered. Ready to slip on post as it is being installed. We recommend placing 4" below the ground line. Allowing 4" above to procect post again mulch and lawn equipment. Brass will patina over time. Stock sizes 4x4, 5x5, 6x6


    1. We recommend priming the post with Cabots Problem Solver Primer. This is a paint for tannin acid wood to help eliminate bleed thru. A shellac base cover stain could be used also.

    2.After lightly sanding the primer coat you can apply the topcoats, again lightly sanding before applying the finish coat of paint.

    3.If staining the post, apply the stain according to the manufacturer's recommendations. We have found over the years that the more you do to a post before it goes in the ground, the more you enhance the longevity of the post.

    4. For added life of the post we recommend using a foundation coating, a driveway coating or a roof repair tar like substance applied to the portion of the post that goes in the ground.

    5. We also offer the brass skirt that protects the post from having moisture held to the post from mulch, from grass growing up the post and protection from the weed eater.

  • We also have a Block Light Mounting Plate for easy installation of outside lights (shown below, fixture not included). Mount our plate on the wall prior to siding application and add your light afterwards. That way no tedious trimming to slow you down. Mounting plates are made from 5/8" Western Red Cedar with 1/8" chamfer on top edge. One 3/8" hole is drilled on center for wires. Custom Sizes and styles upon request. Stock sizes are 5 1/2"x7 1/4", 7 1/4"x9", 7 1/4"x11", 8 1/2"x13"



    Call 410-778-6181 or fax 410-556-6432 to order.